I'm Making a Boy Band/ EXP

Issue 26

EXP + IMMABB: Bora Kim, Karin Kuroda, Samantha Y. Shao

I'm Making a Boy Band



I'm Making a Boy Band is a project by Bora Kim, Karin Kuroda and Samantha Y. Shao.

We are making a K-POP boy band called EXP in New York.

And yes, as you can see, none of the band members are Korean.


This project consists of the documentation from auditioning to training the band members, which leads to releasing original songs as well as music videos, photos and fan merchandise. It is an ongoing collective experience, in-depth research, experiment, documentary film, and business endeavor. As a long-term project, I'm Making a Boy Band intends to exist in multiple stages as well as different iterations and forms of dispersion, through our K-pop boy band "EXP". We want to talk about cultural appropriation and changes in Asian Masculinity in the global market.



"놀자 렛츠 파티" 가사
1st Verse- Frankie프랭키;

There's one / night in your life
다신 / 오지않을
da shin / o ji a neul

When the / feeling's so right
모든게 / 완벽한
mo deun gae / wan byu khan

It's burning / deep inside
오늘 불 / 금이야
o neul bul / geum i ya

Now spark the / flame ignite
누가 불 붙 / 일거야
nu ga bul bu / chil keo ya

1st Verse- Koki코키;

Make your way / through the crowd
준비되 / 셨다면
jun bi dwe / shyeot tta myeon

Close / your eyes
눈 / 감고
nun / gam ggo

Scream out / loud
소리 / 질러
so ri / jil leo

The music's / your escape
다같이 / 달리자
da ga chi / dal li ja

Nothing can / stand in your way
그누구 / 도 못막아
geu nu gu / do mot ma ga
Chorus- Everyone전원;

Take a breath
Let it out
Ready set
Do it now
Tell me what you're waiting for
Nolja let's party
Oh Oh Oh Oh
We just gettin' started
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Nolja let's party

준비 되었으면
지금 바로
뭘 기다리고 있는거야
오 오 오 오
놀자 파티하자
우리 이제 시작이야
오 오 오 오
놀자 파티하자
2nd Verse- Frankie프랭키;

It's a scene for the seen / For the here and now
선남선녀 / 향기로운 / 이 밤에
sun nam sun nyeo / hyang gi ro wun / i bam ae

Lights up feel the beat / Come and join the crowd
속삭이는 / 눈부신 / 조명에
sok sak i neun / nun bu sin / jo myong ae

Crazy fast how the word / Get gets around
두근대는 / 너와 / 내 / 심장에
du geun dae neun / neo wa / nae / sim jang ae

Everybody comes out when they hear the sound
이 파도를 / 낭비하지마
i pa do reul / nang bi ha ji ma
2nd Verse- Sime시메;

When it hits you / you feel it
이 열기에 / 빠져
i yeol gi ae / bba jyeo

So own it / and be it
니 젊음을 / 태워
ni jeol meu meul / tae wo

Now wake up / and see it
이 세상을 / 가져
i sae sang eul / ga jyeo

It's all that / you've been / waiting for
어젠 / 모두 / 잊어줘
eo jaen / mo du / i jeo jwo
2nd Verse- Koki코키;

Living in a / daydream / Love ain't a phase
자 걱정 / 그만해 / 저리가
ja geok jeong / geu man hae / jeo ri ga

Life's good / Real good Now / Don't complain
투덜투덜 / 이제그만 / 하라고
tu deol tu deol / i jae geu man / ha ra go

Never mind stress / Live life Don't waste
순간을 즐겨 / 삶 을 살라고
sun ga neul jeul gyeo / sal meul sal la go

Spread love Don't judge / Life's a big party
사랑을 하라고 / 죽을 힘을 다해서
sa rang el ha ra go / ju geul hi meul da hae seo
2nd Verse- Hunter헌터;

This feelin's / contagious
왜 안와 / 빨리와
we a nwa / bbal li wa

So catch it / and take it
다들 너 / 기다려
da deul neo / gi da ryeo

I'm so glad / you made it
안옴 삐 / 질거야
a nom bbi / jil ggeo ya

We we turn up at / sundown
늦는 사람 / 술래
neut neun sa ram / sul lae
Chorus- Everyone전원;

Nolja let's party
Take a breath
Let it out
Ready set
Do it now
We just gettin' started
Tell me what you're waiting for
Nolja let's party

놀자 파티하자
준비 되었으면
지금 바로
우리 이제 시작이야
뭘 기다리고 있는거야
놀자 파티하자
Bridge- Tarion테리온;

Relax / let the music / take you / away
Relax / 음악에 / 몸을 / 맡겨
Relax / eu ma gae / mo meul / ma kyeo

Life is / magical / Never / let it fade
우린 / 젊으니 / 절대 / 포기마
woo rin / geol meu ni / jeol dae / po gi ma

Focus on / the now / Even / when life gets hard
순간을 / 즐겨 / 삶이 / 지쳐도
soon ga neul / jeul gyeo // sal mi / ji cheo do

Don't be / anybody // Just be / who you are
슬퍼 / 하지마 / 내가 / 있잖아
seul peo / ha ji ma / nae ga / it ja na
(The End 끝)



We are also very interested in the conversation that EXP creates in the public realm via entertainment/pop media outlets as well as the intimate community among the fans.


A Social Experiment: A K-pop Boy Band with No Koreans, Hyperallergic, by Hannah Stamler, July 15, 2015

Can a K-pop group succeed with no Korean members?, Washington Post, By Yanan Wang, July 29, 2015

What does a K-pop band with no Koreans say about cultural appropriation?, South China Morning Post, By Ysabelle Cheung, September 11, 2015








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