So Basic

Issue 21

So Basic

September Split


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Hypermasculine Couture

Excerpt from Number 1 (Pollocking My Pants)

Triptych (Dimensions: 2000x1500 px, 1500x1500 px, 2000x1500 px)








Sitter og limer sugerør på en hjelm
Ser på sport
Drømmer om et annet sted
En annen tilværelse

Lager lofi-adrenalin-junkie-drakt
Tenker alt for mye
Ikke tenke


Salto Mortale












Kjetil Kristensen
Geir Backe Altern
Sigrid Benz
Ingrid Forland
Gustav Samrelius
Anna Åstrand

September Split is an artist-run organization and collective that was founded in september 2011 to help and challenge selected artists to
travel and exhibit abroad.The collective has an ever increasing member base and expanding disiplines. It's members are based in Oslo,
Stockholm, Copenhagen and Fredrikstad and have exhibited together in Genoa, Barcelona and Detroit.

The exhibition SO BASIC simultaniously takes place at the textbased online magazine Texted, the web gallery 1280x650 as well as
at gallery in Copenhagen.




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