Becoming (notes on preparation) / Maria Meinhild

Issue 12

Becoming (notes on preparation)
Maria Meinild


A hallway, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room

Her and Him - loosely based on Me and You
The Narrator - will keep watch and know how to complete their locked self-images

The Narrator: [reading from a manuscript]
washing body parts / getting dressed / writing notes / smoking cigarettes / sticking notes on walls / sitting down / drinking coffee / standing up / taking photographs / reading scripts / eating oranges / deleting photographs / moving objects / pacing back and forth / looking out the windows / trying on faces / closing blinds / changing clothes

The Kitchen: [singing?]
I won't lose a wink of sleep (a wink of sleep)
'Cause the truth of the matter is (truth is)
Replacing you is so easy

The Narrator: [a reminder]
The parts that really matters are those in silence, when one moment is about to pass into the other. There is a gap and an uncertainty, this uncertainty will always seem authentic and real. This is what you're aiming for. It's not about imitating an image (anyone can do that) you will have to become the image. The more you're able to take in about the surroundings, the more you can leave yourself alone and live truthfully

The Living-room: [...]
I can't make out just what sort of a place it was
It seemed to be a gambling house
but there weren't any walls
just a lot of curtains, with eyes painted on them


Jeg tror du skal prøve at være det du tænkte helt i starten. Der var en alvor i din stemme, blandet med din kærlige måde.. Meget smukt og troværdigt

It reminded you of something
You reminded me of someone

[given circumstances]

The Narrator: [slightly bored]
Her and His inner monologues are presented by a voiceover that will remember exactly how they felt in similar settings – based on real events. Some places mentioned; hotel rooms, museums, offices, bars, botanical gardens, supermarkets, train stations, bedrooms, street crossings, escalators, restaurant, airports, backyards, public squares, artist studios, schools, waiting rooms

Text and stills produced for texted 2013

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